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As of 30 November 2021, this page is now closed for feedback.

We thank everyone who has taken the time to submit comments on the project. We will now analyse all of the comments we have received on this page, as well as through other channels such as email and telephone.

We will shortly progress with installing a pedestrian refuge island, near the junction with Langtree Avenue, as described below. However, following internal discussions at East Renfrewshire Council, we have decided not to take forward the other aspects of Phase 2 at this time: we feel they are better delivered as part of a longer-term permanent phase of works.

Should you wish to provide any further feedback, please email spacesforpeople@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk or call 0141 577 3001.

The information below is retained as an archive for your convenience.

Welcome to the Davieland Road Spaces for People Design Feedback Page. East Renfrewshire Council will be trialling temporary changes on Davieland Road to make it easier and safer for people to move around. Information on proposals and how to get involved can be found below.

Extent of measures

BackgroundDavieland Road's proximity to Rouken Glen Park and Whitecraigs Railway Station, as well as convenient access between key road corridors, results in a range of demands on public space. The road functions as a movement corridor, a gateway to key destinations, and a 'place' in its own right.

There have been longstanding concerns about road safety and accessibility on Davieland Road. The popularity of Rouken Glen Park - one of the busiest and best in Scotland - places considerable pressure on the road, negatively impacting road users, residents, and visitors. The park became even more valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic, potentially exacerbating these issues. Problems identified include:

  • The speed of vehicular traffic on Davieland Road
  • The lack of a park-side pavement to the north of the Boathouse, which forces pedestrians to either cross the road or walk amongst parked and moving vehicles
  • Sub-standard 'nose-in' parking arrangements, which can lead to dangerous manoeuvres when vehicles reverse into oncoming traffic
  • Parking pressures near the Boathouse entrance, with 'overspill' parking on the road obstructing the southbound cycle lane and potentially obscuring residential driveway access and/or sight lines
  • Poor environmental quality and road surface conditions
  • While the initial scheme is temporary, East Renfrewshire Council recognise that permanent solutions are necessary in the longer term. By trialling temporary changes and seeking community feedback now, we can better understand the implications for all parties and consider these in any future phases of work.

    Below you can find out more information on Spaces for People proposals. This includes:

  • Immediate plans (Stage 1)
  • Proposals for future phases of works (Stage 2; proposed July 2021)
  • The opportunity to feedback your priorities for the future (Stage 3; with further community consultation proposed late 2021/early 2022).
  • A short survey is included at the bottom of this page to help you feedback your views.

    Funding for these proposals is provided via the Sustrans/Transport Scotland Spaces for People programme - a temporary infrastructure programme to make it safer for people to walk, cycle, or wheel for essential trips and exercise during COVID.

    Road Layout Drawings

    General arrangement plans can be found below. These drawings show the proposed new road layout:

    Davieland Road General Arrangements North

    Davieland Road General Arrangements South

    Phase 1: Immediate Plans

    NB: Phase 1 measures have now been implemented on Davieland Road

    Following assessment of potential temporary 'response measures', East Renfrewshire Council will implement the following changes on Davieland Road:

    Carriageway narrowing and road marking alteration

    We will reduce the carriageway width to six metres and remove the centre-line markings (except where required to highlight hazards). Such measures have proven effective in reducing vehicle speed, in turn contributing to a safer road environment, at other locations in the UK. We will also introduce a new area of hatching to provide a buffer between car parking and the general carriageway.

    Formation of temporary park-side pavement

    An informal two-metre-wide pavement along the western side of Davieland Road, between the Boathouse entrance and Rouken Glen Road junction, will be introduced to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility. The existing car parking will be moved towards the centre of the road to accommodate this change. The new footway will initially be safeguarded by the use of temporary traffic management (such as traffic cones), with posts or bollards proposed for subsequent phases.

    A mock up of these proposals can be viewed below. Please drag the slider to compare the current design of Davieland Road with the proposed new layout:

    Before-and-after view of Davieland Road, south of Langtree Avenue

    New public space and reconfiguration of parking

    The car parking outside the Boathouse will be reconfigured to a 'parallel parking' arrangement, which will prevent vehicles from reversing into oncoming traffic. This, together with the proposed road narrowing, provides an opportunity for a modest increase in pedestrian space around the Boathouse entrance, which could be enhanced further in future phases of work.

    The parking spaces in this area will prioritise Blue Badge holders, and provision will be made for loading and service vehicle access to Rouken Glen Park.

    Cycle lane arrangements

    The existing southbound cycle lane will be marked as a 'mandatory' facility and widened to 2 metres. This aims to improve the quality of provision for people cycling uphill and reduce instances of obstructive parking. It will also assist pedestrians who may wish to 'step out' into the road to maintain social distancing when passing others.

    The northbound (downhill) cycle lane is considered substandard and will be removed. This is due to its proximity to parked vehicles and the possibility of car doors being opened into the path of oncoming cyclists travelling at speed. We will use new road markings to encourage people to cycle in the 'primary position' when travelling downhill. This aims to encourage drivers to slow down and provide adequate space when overtaking more vulnerable road users.

    Initial lining works to support these changes are due to commence 31 May 2021.

    Please scroll down below in order to feedback on these proposals.

    Phase 2: Short-Term Improvements

    East Renfrewshire Council are actively consulting on additional temporary measures for Davieland Road. We will consider community feedback to determine what further changes may be necessary to support the trial and inform future improvements to the road. Measures under consideration include:

    Public space at the Boathouse entrance

    The increase in pedestrian space outside the Boathouse unlocks opportunities to improve the public realm. We are keen for your views on how this may be best achieved and what measures may be appropriate. For example, the area could benefit from the introduction of dropped kerbs, temporary planters and greenery, seating, bicycle storage, an improved pavement, or other possibilities.

    View north from the Boathouse entrance

    Potential indicative layout under consideration; introducing temporary planters between parking and new pedestrian space

    Safeguarding the southbound cycle lane

    East Renfrewshire Council are considering the introduction of 'light segregation' - physical objects intermittently placed alongside a cycle lane - on the east side of Davieland Road. This aims is to increase the comfort, security, and attractiveness of the lane for people cycling uphill and to further mitigate obstructive parking within the cycle lane. Appropriate gaps in the segregation would be left to ensure continued access to driveways and junctions.

    We are keen to hear your views on the introduction of light segregation and potential impacts on road users, residents and visitors.

    Example of light segregation product under consideration (©Rediweld)

    Formation of a new pedestrian refuge island (near Langtree Avenue)

    East Renfrewshire Council is considering the introducing a temporary pedestrian refuge island north of the junction of Langtree Avenue. This measure would make it easier for people to cross Davieland Road, and could also contribute to a reduction of vehicle speeds, but would result in a reduction of overall parking provision over an approximate length of 70 metres (around 14 car parking spaces). We are keen to hear your views regarding this proposal.

    Potential indicative layout under consideration; new temporary pedestrian island near Langtree Avenue

    Secondary / additional works are due to commence July 2021 subject to the outcome of community and stakeholder consultation. Deadline for feedback on Stage 2 measures is 20 June 2021 .

    Please scroll down below in order to feedback on these proposals.

    Phase 3: Future Priorities

    East Renfrewshire Council recognise that longer term and permanent solutions for Davieland Road are necessary.

    Initial appraisal and feasibility studies undertaken in 2019 highlighted potential options and opportunities to be explored further. As well as addressing existing issues, these include aspirations to deliver a high quality public realm scheme incorporating new active travel routes and enhanced green infrastructure.

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic the council hope to commence a community consultation regarding these options.

    To support plan development, we would like to understand your priorities and what you feel should be included in future plans.

    Community consultation on future streetscape plans is proposed early 2022 (and dependent on COVID restrictions).

    Please scroll down below in order to feedback on these proposals.

    Artist impression of potential future streetscape enhancements

    Davieland Road

    We have reorganised parking and modified road markings on Davieland Road to improve safety.

    This engagement phase has finished

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